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One Requires Vacations from Vacations

Welp. Fiance and I did three states in tenish days. Had a lot of good experiences, and I was happy to see my family and his family and some old friends and mentors. Kind of not in the mood to see anyone for a long time, but I have to go into the office tomorrow.

My mother's cousin's father (relations!) was struck in a hit and run while I was there. The guy is in an induced coma because he keeps trying to pull out the wires or whatever whenever he awakes. And my sister is pregnant with her third. Joy. I guess.

AND, which is the worst, we had to take our rats with us because no one likes to watch them because omg gross tails or whatever, and one of them died on our way back home. In the car. Which was really miserable. The other one is depressed so we bought her a new friend today, which seems to have at least perked her up to come out of her little hidey hole for a bit, but it'll be a week or so before we can legit introduce them to one another. The new one is, understandably, terrified at being ripped away from her rattie family. I feel bad for her, because we have to keep them in two different cages and they're incredibly social creatures. We're going to have to handle the new one a lot so she gets used to us. The first thing she did when I held her was freak out and climb onto my head and got tangled in my hair.


Anyway. I'm tired. I hate traveling. At least the cats were alive when I got back. And super needy. I guess the person watching them didn't pet them much or something.


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