The fella and I finally took our big shopping trip to Ikea, and $370 later I finally have a much more livable space. I previously had this tv on a long red Ikea Billy bookcase that was too small to fit anything in other than my dog's basket of toys; there were wires everywhere and it was pretty much a mess. Now the wires are all hidden in a basket behind the TV with just the power strip cord sticking out.

I also managed to get a new coffee table, dining room bar table and matching stools, a nightstand, and wall decals for my bedroom closet doors. The red bookcase is going to be painted to match the teal/grey/black/white motif I'll be working on, and now it works as storage for guests' shoes when they visit.

Don't worry though, I still live in squalor. Otherwise how else can I beg for you guys to support my basic needs? How's your squalor doing, GT?