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One way friendships and secrets

I made a new friend about a year ago. We’ve hung out a few times and gotten on very well. Exchanged a few emails and what not. They announced they were moving to another country and I tried to arrange with them a time to hang out to say bye. They never wrote back.

In fact, I’ve invited them out three times in past four months and they never responded.


I knew the friendship was over, but I still tried to talk to them.

Basically, it all went wrong after we hung out got drunk and started to talk about our exs. As soon as it became clear we both dated abusive people, they drew away from me. He told me something she did to him and my ex had done the same thing. I was really excited, because I FINALLY had someone to talk too. I was so excited. Someone could relate! It was maybe a brief 2 minute conversation and then after that, we hung out the next day and after that, he never spoke to me again.

I get when people don’t want people to know stuff about their past or their pain.

I know I didn’t do anything wrong, it still hurts my feelings that I got ghosted out.


I found out they boarded the plane today. I have this little ball in my stomach because I wanted to see them again, but I know after four months that it’s over.

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