Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

My (soon to be) ex-husband and I had been together for 12 years, and now separated for one week. It is a mind-boggling change in so many ways and I am not yet feeling the relieved feelings I thought would be at the forefront. Even knowing it was the right thing apparently doesn't mean that you don't feel sad, guilty, nauseous and heartbroken. It feels beyond bizarre to call him my ex in front of other people, especially those who knew us as a couple. I have had a few random outbursts of crying in inappropriate places, mostly in public in the company of people who know what's going on and are being too nice to me (sympathy just gets me). And now one poor co-worker also knows what is going on because I started crying when he asked me what my husband I were doing for Christmas. That was not one of my better moments, thankfully he was very kind.

Everyone tells me it slowly gets better, and I know it will. He and I are still on talking terms - though we mostly communicate in very brief texts at the moments. But I have my bad moments, usually alone at night, where I think that I really firebombed my life and just pray that it will be worth it.


And then there are the legal details/proceedings to deal with. Ugh.

Any thoughts on surviving either a massive break-up or divorce are appreciated. As are happy .gifs with baby animals.

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