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One Year

I made it back from Istanbul on Sunday and I am still jet-lagged as all hell.

I realized that it was a year ago today since I finished student teaching. My life has changed so much since I started posting here just about two and a half years ago. When I started hanging out here I was on disability leave after an injury I got working at a tile factory. Since then I have lost my father, graduated college, finished student teaching, and all different sorts of things.


Now I am almost finished with my first year teaching elementary school. The principal told me she wants me to come back and I am pretty torn. I have gotten used to the culture of the school for the most part and feel like I am part of a community. However, I also am so tired of the lack of resources, my commute, and the chaos. (For example, I got hired to teach a maximum of 15 1st graders and ended up teaching 24 1st and 2nd graders. With three days notice.)

I haven’t told them my plans yet, because I don’t know. I poked around craigslist and now have an interview at a school down my street. It’s a Catholic school and a 2nd grade position. I don’t want to be another statistic of a brand-new teacher only being able to hang in a tough neighborhood for a year, but it is looking like that’s what’s going to happen. I need to look and my own standard of living. When I account for transportation costs, I only make $4,000 a year more than when working at a factory. My commute is long. My husband manages a grocery store and is only on his 2nd job in this country and he makes a lot more than me.


On the other hand, I know all the students in the school. I like my admin and my co-workers. That counts for a lot.

Teachers, where are you in deciding whether you should stay at your current school or go?


Non-teachers, are you going through something similar?

ETA: One result of my jet-lag is silly giggling. One of my students told me a joke and I lost my shit.


Student: Why did the man clean the toilet?

Me: I don’t know, why?

Student: Because it was his duty!

You guys, I lost my shit laughing so badly that even my 6-8 year-old students were looking at me like I needed to get my shit together. He said “duty!”

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