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Onions & Roses (Inane!)

We used to play a game at camp, and I swear we called it onions and roses. The google machine has it as a query, but no great hit matching it. Probably others called it roses and thorns or something like that.

Anyhow, you say one stinky thing and one nice/sweet thing that's happened to you over the last little while.

I'm experiencing an onion, so I came up with a rose to go with it, and I'm #teamfood, so I feel no shame in my rose being food-related.


My onion: I live next to the laundry room and covered parking in my apartment complex. Right now, my windows are open. I like fresh air. Some neighbors are packing for Burning Man @-@ and this lady is narrating everything she does, every single thought process.

Yes, I have earplugs and headphones. Yes, I have a fan. But still! :p

Don't get me wrong, I complain a lot, but I feel lucky to live here. It was the only place renting to me when the time was right. It's relatively safe, people don't even know I'm back here for the most part.


Also, I understand narrating everything you do. From a developmental perspective, children (and adults) do this when they're learning/internalizing, or facing a new experience. But...her partner can hardly get a word in edgewise.

Heh. Now that I'm listening for a sound bite, she clams up. I should've written this post 45 minutes ago :)


My rose is the awesome smoothie I just made - I hadn't made one in a few weeks. It was my lunch, and had walnuts, blueberries, tons of various greens, a little bit of kiwi and a little bit of apple, and a dash of yogurt. So yummy!!


Share yours, if you want. :)

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