I'm sick and these are only a first pass, so I expect that the business requirements have some information missing and I know that the wireframes have pages missing. I'd love some feedback on what you'd like to see in the application, where you think the requirements are going down the wrong road, what you're excited about, or whatever. (By first pass, I mean, I don't have a printer set up yet so I haven't even done a printed editing pass.)

Since the game is intended to include Cards Against Humanity but could also be used for other games, you know, like Bibles to Bibles instead of Assholes to Assholes, I've named the project Judging You and I have a repo set up in its name on GitHub. If I weren't feverish and dehydrated I'd figure out how to upload from google docs to the repo. I tried saving to PDF but that broke, which I blame on Cute Boy Person because it is theoretically possible (but extremely unlikely) that was his fault.

I have also made the executive decision that Terrance should be the face of Judging you because look at that judgmental face.

I've picked a framework and some modules that I think will work. For those who do Python work, right now I'm looking at Flask and Bootstrap with:

  • Flask Login
  • Flask OAuth
  • Flask RESTless or Celery?
  • Flask WTF (WTForms)


I still need to track down a web sockets-based multiroom chat client or some easy web sockets management app, which for all I know is included in the above. I'm at the "OMFG I need to do something other than business requirements and wireframes for a bit" stage.

I have set up a mailing list for people who wish to help with the application and one for people who wish to participate in game test sessions. To reduce posts to GT, I will announce test sessions to the mailing list and only announce to GT if there is not significant enough response. Initial test sessions will likely be posted to GT because they may be short and we may not have many people signed up to test yet.

Coming soon: a bugbase for feature prioritization and task assignment.

I will bump this post periodically over the next day or two.