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Online Classes, oh my god!

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So I decided to take my Algebra class online because I'm good at math, I've taken it before (a long time ago) and I've taken Trig. I didn't see the point in sitting in a classroom to learn something that I pretty much already knew. BOY was I stupid. First of all, this online shit? Takes up so much more of my time than classroom work. I can't believe how much time I spend on it. I barely even get a chance to study my Anatomy because I spend so much goddamn time on this! This is my first online class and I've heard that they can be more time consuming, but I had no idea that it would be like this! I feel like I'm constantly chasing my due dates for online assignments, trying to keep up, but I'm spending a ton of time on it as it is! I need like a week off work to catch up. Or another day per week.
School is hard!
Oh and Ella doesn't make it easy to do my online assignments. Get away from the computer! Or off my book!


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