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I’ve done a little bit of it lately because I just felt like new clothes, you know?

I hate being a plus-size shopper if only because 1) I have to do so much of it online and 2) it’s goddamn expensive.

I’m eye-balling these two dresses (sorry for the huge images) and am hesitating because they are on clearance and therefore are non-returnable/refundable if they don’t work. That’s a lot of pressure for not being able to try it on!


I love the look of this dress, and it’s different from any other dress I own (no brown in my closet, and diversity would be a good thing). I hesitate because it’s Doctor Who-inspired, and while I like Doctor Who, I wouldn’t consider myself a fanatic. I objectively like the cut, color, and styling...just wish it didn’t have the sonic screw drivers all over it.

I like the print on this one and in general look good in these types of dresses, but they don’t have my size. They have the next size up, and I’m not opposed to getting my clothes tailored (I usually have to since fat clothing is always tailored for people with bigger boobs than I possess), but would that be too much tailoring?

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