EDIT: So half the show wasn't aired because of technical reasons. I'm finishing up right now and hopefully will have a time slot by the end of next week. I'm going to have to break myself back in to the world of sounding interesting via microphone. I'm rustier than I thought in some areas but the learning curve will be decent. Thanks to anyone who tried to listen. : )

Today is the test slot (making sure I know equipment, can talk into a microphone without biting my tongue) of my radio show, "Grand National Radio Hour."

You can tune in to hear me putz around at 1:30 Central time on FreeRadioSAIC.org.

It's politics, music, comedy, talk radio and I think I'm going to try and cue up some of that Krokodil documentary that DeathtoFlossie had in her OMFG Facebook post.

I'd appreciate any support but in the future, there'll be a podcast available for those who can't tune in live.


Thanks so much GTers for the support and encouragement over these past few months that I've been a part of this raucous gang. :)