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I just read this article from The Atlantic and thought it was interesting.

I try not to over share on Facebook - mostly because it's public and I'm friends with family, in-laws, old classmates and coworkers who mostly like to share family and vacation photos, family updates (these are cool because nobody has to do that stupid New Years photo and letter anymore), and general life statuses. Sad, lonely quotations and statuses to me always come off as desperate and honestly, a little off-putting. I feel a little badly for hiding their statuses now but I'd rather not read that when I sign in. For me, I hate the "real man" and "real woman" posts from my sad friends and passive aggressive ones like "YOU SAY YOU ARE FRIENDS WITH ME THEN WHY ARE YOU FRIENDS WITH MY EX".


I wonder now how I appear to others on FB - probably a boring chick who likes dinosaurs, Britney Spears, making ice creams, and has no idea how to mom properly.

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