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Welcome To The Bitchery

Online Shopping and Shipping, How Does It Work?

Soooo... does anyone know if it's possible to arrange for something you've ordered from Amazon to be delivered on a specific day? I don't generally get a lot of packages but when I do I just have them shipped to work, since that's where I am all day. However, this is a metal bed frame... WAY too big and heavy to carry home with me on the subway. I don't want to have it shipped to my apartment and left sitting outside until I get home because that's how shit gets stollen (alas, I am not fancy enough to live in a building with a doorman). Has anyone here faced a similar dilemma?

And on an unrelated note... yesterday I wasn't able to log in all day and it was THE WORST. I felt so alone without my hivemind. KINJAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! *angry fists*


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