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Online Shopping Help

My BF needs some help. Last Christmas he bought a hat online for his best friend. When he received the hat, it was the wrong size (their mistake), but he let the friend see the hat, and it was kind of the wrong style too. So, friend found the style he liked online. BF had already emailed the company to tell them the size was wrong, before he found out friend would like a different style. Company sent a new hat, that was also the wrong hat (wrong as in, not the original style/size of first order). BF sent both hats back. Company finally emailed and said they could not return the hat(s) because they smelled like cigarettes. We found that hard to believe since they had been put back in plastic and inside the shipping envelopes pretty quickly. Either way, smoke or no, he has yet to get either hat back, nor a refund. So they basically took his $90 and called it a day. He ordered the first hat in November of last year. I wrote a letter for him to type out and email, but he feels nervous that he isn't going to get his money back and hasn't sent the email. (I know, if you don't try, you DEF. won't get a refund.) At this point, what should he say exactly in his email? I don't really shop online because the one time I did, my credit card # got stolen. So, I don't really know the laws/rules for dealing with this type of thing. Can anyone help? I feel really bad for him. He already bought a new gift for friend, and does not wear hats. Any advice I could pass on to him would be greatly appreciated.


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