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Only black child in Newfoundland community faces racism, backlash for speaking out

This week, national media reported on Torrence Collier, an 11-year-old in Westport, Newfoundland who has had to transfer schools because of the extreme and racist bullying he has endured in his community. Torrence is the only black child in the community. The bullying at his school was so bad that he was under constant supervision and had to use a separate washroom to avoid harassment from his classmates

Unfortunately, once the story broke, some Westport residents responded in the most viciously clueless white people way possible, by claiming incredulously that Torrence couldn't possibly be facing racism from their children, because there is no racism in Westport. One parent went so far as to claim that the real bully was Torrence, saying, "He's not the victim. He is instigating a lot of this to other children."


The RCMP has launched an investigation into the bullying allegations. Support is pouring in for Torrence from members of the community and multiple Facebook groups. Unfortunately, the backlash has also made an impression on Torrence, who says, "Everybody here says I'm lying, and I'm making it up, so I think I made it a bit worse."

Do better Canada. Please.

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