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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Only one more week until my unattainable crush returns to the office

And while Mancandy has been on vacation I've been given a couple of his files to process - and of course, his work is complete,thoughtful and well done, so of course, that just makes me crush more *sigh* But I think this two week break will be/has been good for me as I am also not being so distracted and wrap my head around working there but not having him there so that when he returns I can continue to pretend he doesn't exist and I continue to ignore him because I just don't need that complication in my life. Am I making any sense? Anyway, it will be so much more to look forward in only a week! (yeah, I know, I am silly).

In other news, how do you deal with trolls in your personal life? I have a neighbor in my condo building who is not very bright and is very demanding that *everything* be explained to *his satisfaction* (older white male, heavy alcohol/marijuana user). The biggest problem is that he is retired and struggling financially so thinks that if we don't spend any money on maintenance that we will be able to reduce his HOA fees ... or something? I haven't quite figured it out but it's very tiresome/draining to deal with this person (who has sent me some very angry/abusive emails) and refuses to talk to anyone else but me. *sigh* I must be pretty special, huh?


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