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Welcome To The Bitchery

I would have ignored this story and not posted it here but that quote caught my attention. For anyone to found and lead a cable network for even half as long is impressive. 20 years is almost unheard of. The guy who founded CSPAN may be the only other one. For a woman in such a male dominated field to do this should be commended. As much as I dislike the network its been on my nonfavorite list for decades with only Fox News as company for channels 2 through 99. Reading the article I am incredibly impressed with what she accomplished.

I always thought EWTN was created and lead by the US Bishops with lay people doing the management. A nun founded and lead it. Mother Mary Angelica died on Easter, yesterday. Although even if I knew this years ago no way would I have watched her on my own. My late grandmother would on occassion put her show on when there was absolutely nothing else on, this was 90s. Mother Mary Angelica personfied one of the worst traits nuns I had when in Catholic schools, a way of talking down to a person as if you never left kindergarten and unsure how to tie your shoes. Not all nuns I had were like this but especially in grade school enough of them and one in college had this bigtime.

Still what she accomplished is incredibly impressive. I wish more folks who helped found cable networks stayed with it instead of selling to big corporations which make the reason for why network was created in first place be meaningless. Like Bravo and MTV along with Lifetime.


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