Who has used OSAP before?

I've been very fortunate that in my previous schoolings I didn't have to take any loans for school. And, in fact, I plan on not taking any for this one, but I want to apply for the grants. Their meagre FAQ page told me that I can't leave the gun and take cannoli, AKA take the grants and leave the loan, but I can repay the loan immediately.


SO. Who has used it before? I can't sign up online (some sort of issue with my SIN and logins) so I have to go to any post-secondary school's admin desk to get my OSAP login? Anyway, let's assume I do that, and apply.

What is it like? How fast do you get the money? How soon did you apply after you got acceptance letters to your school? Has anyone applied for it to promptly repay it? OR, what's the payment plan like? Because if they don't charge interest on this loan until X amount of time after I graduate, why can't I take that money, invest in a GIC, and reap the spoils of bonus interest? Although knowing our tax system, they've thought of that already.

Do I get a cheque? Does the money go directly to the school? Why does my school want the tuition money in July? Are they jerks? Does the $30 deferral fee so I can pay my tuition closer to the actual start of school date really earn them that much money?

Thoughts? Advice? Anecdotes?