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Oof (cw: death)


My neighbor, who lives in the other half of my house, texted me just now to tell me their 24 year old houseguest died of a heart attack this morning (she was giving me a heads up about apparent commotion that I was either already out of the house during, or just didn’t hear). He was visiting for Jazzfest.


My neighbors are around 50 years old and do a whole lot of drugs, like Wolf of Wall Street style. I sincerely hope that wasn’t a factor, but it is a big party time in town and they are partiers. Regardless, I of course told her I’m so sorry to hear about what happened and to let me know if I can do anything for them, or watch their dog or whatever.

I’m not sure why I’m writing this here - I think I just needed to say it. I’m home alone right now. I won’t grieve this guy, I didn’t know him. I don’t need some sort of sympathy. I’m just sad for everyone involved.

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