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Oof. I am le tired.

I spent most of the last 8 hours sorting and cleaning. I went through 5 boxes of books, videos, and assorted crap, getting rid of enough stuff (yay for Almost-MIL's rummage sale tomorrow!) to consolidate the remaining books and movies into 2 boxes. I found my Trixie Belden mysteries! Yay! They are now safely packed away on a high shelf in the basement.

I then spent about 5 hours pulling EVERYTHING out of the pantry, opening all the boxes of pasta and mixes and whatever to check for those wretched little bugs, and vacuuming and scrubbing shelves. Nothing like sifting through boxes of mashed potato flakes and oatmeal to check for bugs to keep you entertained for awhile.

Fortunately, not much else needed to be thrown out except a couple boxes of Hamburger Helper, pancake mix, a big bag of spelt flakes (which were kind of gross, anyway), and the last bag of rice. Boxes of Mac n cheese and plain pasta are now safely sealed in Ziploc bags and plastic containers, as are the aforementioned mashed potato flakes (why do I have 5 boxes of mashed potato flakes?!? I hardly ever use them! Time to start making mashed potatoes, I guess).


ALL of the gf cake mixes, bread mixes, oatmeal, and Bisquick were non-infested, thank the gods. The critters don't seem to like them at all. My pantry is now cleaned, vacuumed, and sealed in plastic. Only one ripped cuticle (damn cardboard boxes) and one big splinter (damn unpainted shelves), too.

I had my laptop sitting on a kitchen chair with Bizarre Foods playing while I worked. I find Andrew Zimmern's voice soothing for background noise. I'm so glad they have full episodes on YouTube! I am currently watching him feed hyenas in Ethiopia. By hand. Brave soul.

Ah, well. Time to go soak in the tub with a mug of tea and hope it unstuffs my head for awhile!

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