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I woke up this morning at 4:30. Why? Hell if I know. I read the Times, did the mini crossword and Tiles, glanced at other vendors of news, then got out of bed. Spouse was sleeping soundly so I went for an 8-mile bike ride that ended at one of the few coffee places open early today. Got home and Spouse was ready to hike, so we went to Sleeping Giant and hiked the tower trail (1.6 miles each way, ~700' up). Then we came home and I mowed the lawn.

Breakfast was muesli, lunch was nachos, dinner will be hot dogs. Not a bad Fourth, but I might sleep for a while.

I did get a couple of nice photos, though:


The swans were up for an early family outing.

And we came across this critter taking a break on the Tower.

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