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I just got this reply to that anti-vaxxer article on the main page:

You science-deniers make me absolutely BONKERS. I just cannot handle these types of people. Sorry, but your tenacious desire to maintain your delusions that vaccines work are not so sacrosanct that you should be allowed to put me and my family at risk with the ingredeints that are in the vaccinations.

Also, shit, I feel bad for that 16 yr old girl. The school her parents are paying taxes for has decided that she shouldn't CONTINUE HER FUCKING EDUCATION and that is criminal for the school to not allow her to do so.

If vaccinations work, you have nothing to worry about people not getting vaccinated. I'd be more worried about the 350,000+ illegals coming into the border every year. I'm sure they are all vaccinate.


insert Homer backing into the bushes gif here.

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