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Welcome To The Bitchery
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ooooooooooooooo so mad I'm shaking

The Bastard was scheduled for hip replacement surgery tomorrow. Emphasis on *was*. Because the surgeon’s office screwed up and didn’t get it rescheduled correctly (I suspect they forgot to notify the medical supply company that is making his new ball joint) - they’re claiming they told us his original surgery date was still correct. Except, of course, that they didn’t. Date is now 2 weeks from now.

So, I have FMLA in process for time off, arranged time off w/ my management, the Bastard had time off arranged, STD set up, he took 3 days off this week due to excruciating pain as he’s off his pain meds pre-surgery, my kids were set to help care for him... instead, it’s all blown up. Two weeks from now, one kid is out of state, I have a concert the day after surgery that requires a 3 hr dress rehearsal + 3 hrs for the concert, which means the other local kid will have to be here at the house and I will have no family support in the audience for my solo (that I just found out yesterday). He will miss a Scout event he’s done for 20 yrs, the family Xmas party may not happen because he may not be able to stand sitting in the car for 2hours (each way) to get to it.


My life just fell apart and I’m furious and have no place to put the anger.

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