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Oops, Florida Accidentally Bans Computers and Smart Phones.

Looks like Florida gone done it again. In an effort to crack down on internet gambling, Florida lawmakers' sloppy language ended up banning everything with an internet connection.

Florida apparently has an internet gambling problem, or rather, their Lt. Governor had a problem being a consultant for a bogus charity that was a front for internet gambling (she has resigned). In an effort to show that Florida in no way condones internet gambling (which, of course, is the real problem, not corruption), Rick Scott signed a bill that would close all internet cafes in Florida (because all cyber crime happens in internet cafes I guess). The law was worded in such a way that it also banned all computers or networks that can access online gambling sites.


So if you are reading this right now from Florida, the cyber police are already on their way. Time to flee and start a new life in Alaska

(Photo of actual cyber police)

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