...I waited Until way too late in the evening to start my big baking project! But, 7 1/2 dozen chocolate chip cookies later, I will now have a very happy 13 year old in the morning, because it’s my second son’s birthday and that is his class treat. Also, I finished reading Harry Potter and The PrisoNer Of Azkaban while I waited for cookies to bake and cool.

He asked for an apple pie instead of a cake for his birthday, and I may just fudge and get a store bought one because time and sleep and little things like that. And he wants pizza for dinner, so I will have to make gf/df pizzas for the little guys so they aren’t left out.

So. Off to bed with me. Hopefully, off to sleep. For at least 3 whole hours. Why do I do these things to myself again? Lol.