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Years ago on Gilmore Girls:

Jackson lies to Sookie about having gotten a vasectomy. She does get pregnant.

This week on Blackish:

Dre has been lying to his wife for years about having gotten a vasectomy. Thankfully, she's not actually pregnant.


Blackish at least led to some discussion about communication, even though for most of it this "haha my wife is going to kill me but I saved my balls" bullshit is played for laughs. It's an unsatisfactory episode, to say the least. In Gilmore Girls, Jackson does not suffer for what he did (and in fact just demands to be forgiven), and it's almost entirely played for laughs.

I think this is pretty gross and disturbing. Birth control sabotage isn't funny, it's abuse. It's one thing if two partners can't agree that one should or should not get a vasectomy. It's entirely another for a partner to lie about having gotten one and continue to have otherwise unprotected sex without the other person's knowledge. I'm disturbed at this being a minor trope on television (I remember something similar happening on About a Boy, although I don't actually watch that show so I can't comment). I don't see any comedic value in it whatsoever, especially because none of these shows properly or critically deals with the aftermath of such an event (or non-event, as it were).


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