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Open Grumpy Thread (Alt. Tite: Limitless Bitching)

I’m grumpy. This post about getting too emotional about politics lately is part of it. But I’m just kind of grumpy. I’d like to invite everyone to a formal Airing of Grievances.

My grievances know no bounds.

  1. I have some clip in rainbow hair extensions tangled in my hair right now.
  2. A lot of people in my company work on the weekends (they have an alternate schedule because they travel all around to weekend events) and think it’s acceptable to text me with their issues rather than send an email that I can look at Monday.
  3. My mom, giver of gift cards and money for all holidays, has decided she needs to get her children real gifts now. This sounds perfectly fine to the general public, but what this actually requires for me to reverse Christmas-shop for myself for THE PERFECT MOST ACCEPTABLE GIFT. I can’t choose anything too cheap or expensive or anything she doesn’t generally like (our tastes differ), and I also have to defend why it’s a good gift. Moreover, I just got married so I have a bunch of stuff. Our conversation yesterday consisted of me naming a thing, and her saying thing like, “What happened to your OTHER pair of pajama pants?!!” (as if they are lifetime purchases) or, in response to wanting a stand-mixer, which I didn’t get for my wedding, she says, “Yeah but then the temptation will be there to make sweets and you don’t need to be eating those” and then accusing me of sounding spoiled since I just got a bunch of shit from getting married. We settled on a gift card.
  4. I tried to make my boss make our Christmas party costumes mandatory (because that’s how I think every party should be) and she said I can wear a costume but made a big deal about it, and so now I’m expected to wear a costume but I’m going to be the ONLY one in costume?! No. Then I’m just going to have to pose for pictures all night and listen to everyone talk about how weird I am for a year.
  5. I recently took a car ride with my coworker. Chatting I realized she is literally the most productive person on earth, and I know it’s because she doesn’t really get on the computer and doesn’t watch TV or movies. She has a full-time job and makes a ton of art and volunteers at all these thing and now I feel shitty! I should get off these here internets...
  6. My husband looks at FB like once a week, and doesn’t do anything on there. Oh, EXCEPT FOR argue with my uncle.
  7. I guess this is married life but I’m having trouble adjusting to communicating with my mother in law - I’m being expected to step in where my husband fails. We get along but like, we made a plan to visit my grandparents for Christmas (they are in TX so like, only an 8-9 hour drive) and I thought my husband told his mom this but she asked me, then I felt kind of bad because it was kind of late notice for her! I do think my husband does tell her things, but that maybe she doesn’t believe him/thinks I’m in charge of our social calendar. She’s a pretty hardcore feminist but is really alarmingly sexist sometimes!
  8. My alma mater’s football team did VERY GOOD SPORTSING last night and won a championship. I am happy for them but I’m sick of being viewed as some sort of anarchist because I don’t give a shit to watch a football game. I DON’T WANT TO.
  9. My friend invited me to brunch, but then slipped in some mandatory errands and now I’m getting dragged around town in a little bit.
  10. Everyone can’t drive. I have NO TOLERANCE for aggressive driving. You might as well be spinning around in a crowded room with a gun going off hoping it doesn’t hit anyone.

What grievances have you, GT?

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