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Open Letter to Party City re: Girl's Costumes

I just recently saw this letter that a woman apparently shared to the Party City facebook page regarding their boy and girl Halloween costumes. Though I’m sure you can guess most of the content to the letter without even reading it, because I know I’m preaching to the choir here.

I think one thing that is important to it, but never really got touched on is the similarity to the posing in the toddler girl’s costumes and the women’s costumes...or when I was looking for examples for this, the fact that the toddler poses had more parallels to the adult posts than the “girls” or “teens”.


And, I want to go shake each and every person in the comments saying “Well, why don’t you just buy your daughter the “boy” costume then?” or even more frustrating “My 11-year-old daughter knows that she can pick whatever costume she wants and that the gender on the packaging is just a suggestion. Of course, we teach her about self-confidence and she has the self esteem she needs to ignore gender stereotypes.”



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