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Today is mothersday. Come here to share, or to avoid it and talk about something else entirely.

I usually don’t ‘celebrate’ it very much, in fact a phonecall and a card is most my mom can come to expect from me. I know that seems cold but it never seemed like a big deal to me and I thought it wasn’t to my mom either. One year I sent a card, the first time since Id moved out (before that I did nothing). The year after I forgot but called her the day after (I tried calling the day itself but she was out all day) and found out that she was furious! “Not even a card or a phonecall!”

This morning I called (Id seen her just last week when Id treated her to a day at the spa for her birthday) and she thanked me for the card and made a comment about how kids usually came to visit their mom on mothersday, I mentioned that I had lunchplans and she unhappily said that she was going to go to a museum with my dad but he was sick so now she was stuck at home. Then this happened :

Mom “I suppose I should count my blessings. You remember my friend bettie*? She had a massive heart attack this week”


Me “holy shit!”

Mom “yeah, if her husband hadn’t been there she wouldn’t have made it. She’s in the hospital now.”

Me “..Im coming over”

Mom “what no you dont have to do that”

Me “its mothersday and one of your best friends is in the hospital and that is super scary Im coming over!”


Mom “okay, gezellig! < meaning fun/nice”

This isnt what I wanted to do today, travel to my hometown (exhausting)and have my mom buy lots of shit so I have diet friendly food (such a hassle) and then probably go for a bikeride (exhausting). I wanted rest today, my head hurts. But cheering her up seems far more important. Im coming to realise I was a shit daughter before now, probably.


How are you?

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