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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Open Thread (INANE UPDATE)

I should be studying for my CSET and RICA teaching exams (Tuesday and Wednesday!), but instead I am trying to read Lolita in Spanish (I’m an idiot, but an ambitious one)* and cruising GT.

What are you doing?

Are your life choices better than mine?

* I chose Lolita because I basically have it memorized in English, but it’s becoming clear that my Spanish isn’t good enough. So, I basically broke a bunch of rules on choosing a reading level for someone. Which is something I will literally be tested on for my RICA (the 4-hour exam I’m failing to study for.)



Everyone in my husband’s family always tells me that I look like his mom. I never saw it. My BIL found a photo of my trip to Istanbul and I finally can see the resemblance. (That’s my brother-in-law, mother-in-law, and me.) We have the same smile. We’re right outside the Hagia Sophia/Aya Sofya.

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