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I don’t want to hog up space talking about my new tattoo, so talk about whatever you please.

I’ve had a very long day with many very extreme highs and lows, but I’m only going to focus on the highs. I’m nursing my not-necessarily-sore-but-very-warm arm of new ink. My tattoist is a freaking wizard, she turned my ultra simple concept into the most beautiful piece, and she freehanded the entire top half. I can’t wait to get it colored in, it’s definitely true to tradition but incredibly unique.

It’s inspired mostly by these two pieces:


It seriously did not hurt. There’s a sensation of getting scratched, some warmth, maybe a little soreness, but overall it was just a really fun time. We’ll see how painful things get when it’s time to color, although with all of my tattoos the color was far easier than line work. We talked about very serious things, very not serious things, ate tacos. Every tattoo experience should be this good!

I’m off to bed, share recaps of your day that were worth noting. Or anything else on your mind.

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