Whats up GT?

I’m powering my way through finals still, and dealing with an inexplicable roller coaster of emotions, for no particular reason that I can see.

I also have a kind of awkward correction that I feel like I ethically need to make. For those who didn’t see, I was super ragey in the open thread yesterday because I had found out that my sister, who had a miscarriage last week, was being required to go through a counseling session before she can get an extraction. I got a slightly awkward call from my mom today(who was the one who had told me in the first place), that it actually turned out not be options counseling so much as a medical consult and that she had totally misunderstood what my sister was saying. So now we are all a little embarrassed, but at least not QUITE as horrified with the state of our country. (Although to be fair, it still sucks that we live in a country where that seemed totally plausible.) Anyway, I think I got a fair number of people riled up about that yesterday, so I just wanted to update.

Anyway, whats up with you today GT?

Alternatively you can answer one of these questions which I just made up on the spot:

1) Marry, Fuck or Kill: (UK edition) Prince Harry, Ewan Mcgregor, Idris Elba

2) If you could have one pet (any species, personality) to take to a desert island with you, what would you take and why? Would that answer change if I said you were going to the moon?


3) Whats a food that you really like that you are slightly embarrassed about?

4) Rank these 5 things in any order, using any criteria you choose:

philadelphia brand cream cheese

monitor lizards

a comfortable and flattering pair of business slacks

a slightly uncomfortable session with your therapist, but you actually feel like you made some productive breakthroughs for once