Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

There’s a storm out (Dutch storm, so mild). I looove storms. My storm-sense was even tingling before it got here! This fascinating conversation happened in real life :

BC : “The colors are odd right now, pale orange light from the sunset and rough dark from the clouds. I think the weather is going to shift. It’s going to storm”
Roommate : “hmhm..”


10 minutes later. Thunder! I must be psychic!

I felt amazingly cool, roommate was thoroughly under impressed.. Silly roommate.

Talk about what you will while I snuggle up to my tea and guitar while I’ve opened my bedroom doors and stare at the oddly orange stormy sky. Cooozy. ^^

I will talk about.. (besides my amazing storm-sense) What it’s like to feel like someone is taking care of you. I’m a carer. I hope for something in return but I never expect it. Sometimes I care so much that I end up empty. A few months ago boobieguy was very ill for a few weeks, I came over several times a week (near daily), did his dishes, brought and made him food and eventually physically dragged him to a doctor. This seemed like the most natural and logical thing to me. I cared about him so I would care for him. 1+1=2.


I called in sick to work today. (A combination of sinusitis, lack of motivation, some general exhaustion and emotional spent-ness.) After sleeping away the morning I mentioned having stayed home to Boobieguy, who messaged me to let me know he’d brought my laptop charger (his office is next to mine). As a ‘I can’t come pick it up but I’ll do that tomorrow’.

Guess what he did.. He came over during his lunch-hour, bought and brought me lunch. Sat and chatted and hugged me for a bit before going back to work. On his way from work to home he dropped by for another surprise visit, just to see me and make me feel better. Saying things like “Well of course! I have to come take care of you, we have to get you better, right?”
-When did getting me better become anything but a ‘me’ problem? I didn’t know people could care about that!-
Or “We should go to sleep earlier from now on, it’ll do us both good!” and when I mentioned trying to work or going back to work tomorrow “Don’t push yourself okay?” -instead of “It’s really bad you called in sick BC, you need to get back to work asap.”-
I didn’t know that was possible! Then before he left he hugged me and whispered “Even when you’re sick, I love you.” which is especially amazing since this is maybe the 4th time he’s said this! (we’re still careful and shy about it)


This guy is unreal. I swear to some divinity and the entirety of GT!

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