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Welcome To The Bitchery

Open Thread

Because I can’t stop reading about the latest DJT cluster fuck and there doesn’t appear to be another thread to discuss it here or on Jezebel.

(But also talk about whatever.)

Okay, maybe I’m being extremely dense here, but lets pretend for a very brief second that this accusation against Obama is something greater than a vile stream of noxious bullshit thats meant to distract from the Trump Russia allegations (and I know, that’s a huge-YUGE-leap, but stay with me here), even in the bizarre case that 45 is basing this on something real ...then what exactly is the accusation? Because I don’t see anyone, even on the craziest fringes of the Internet, implying he tapped DJT illegally?


So, either he didn’t do it. (And his spokesman is now saying categorically that he did not. I had been wondering if he was going to respond or just stay the fuck out of it.) Or he did do it with a FISA warrant. Which meant there was probable cause....

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