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How is your Monday? We have a bank holiday in the UK so I’m off work today. I was lazier than I planned over the weekend so this morning I did both some tidying and some studying. My Japanese progress is going ok, I completed all of last week’s material and I already got 75% of this week’s vocabulary correct (Mondays are day 1 of a new vocab list so I’m pretty pleased). I also went through some of the practice questions for the exam level I already took to see if there’s any issues I need to iron out. I won’t be doing practice questions for the level I’m working on until around late September because I still have too much material to get through to make it worth it.

Really need to focus on kanji but struggling to find the best way to do so. Needs some thought.

Drop in, tell us how things are going or indeed, anything you want to say!

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