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Open Thread, A@@holes in Your Life

Today I got in the most surreal BS political thing on facebook.

In the spirit of letting go of dealing with annoying people, I invite you to share any conversations of late which are annoying the living hell out of you.

SPACER because I lurve you alllllllll

Husband of relative on the conservative branch of the family posts something like “it’s not racist to disagree with democrats.” First comment is someone saying it’s not right that Muslims are elected to office and are trying to impeach the president.


So I’m wondering about the cognitive dissonance of saying a clearly racist thing on a post which is trying to say they aren’t being racist. I ask the person if they believe a person’s religion precludes them from serving in public office.

I get back an angry rant about how they served in the military and deserve free speech. Well, sure, I wasn’t saying they didn’t deserve their First Amendment rights.

But I ask again if they think people from some religions shouldn’t serve in office, because they never answered.

And someone else replies to me with the Pledge of Allegiance, in all caps.

I ask how that relates to the question at hand, and I am told that if someone cam’t commit to the Under God part, they don’t deserve to be in office.


I reply that Jews, Muslims, and Christians all worship the same god, so I’m still rather confused about how that is relevant to asking if Muslims should be allowed to serve in office.

Really I just want these people to fucking own their racism.

And then I get some more dogwhistle BS, demands that I produce an example of a “good” conservative Muslim politician, verbal masturbation about the Founding Fathers, and somehow I’m being blamed for making it about Muslims.


Anyhoo, this was like an hour ago, and now I’m fucking done. I hear the little alert beeps in facebook, and nope fuck it. Not worth draining my phone battery even reading the comments.

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