Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I had such a Monday Monday. First off, it was everyone’s first day of being in society this morning on my commute, where I was trapped on LITERALLY THE LONGEST BRIDGE IN THE WORLD behind people going exactly the same speed, 10 mph under the speed limit, in both lanes. Then, my work computer decided it wasn’t going to work for half the day - like wouldn’t boot up, nothing. When the IT guy came into my office - like, literally at that exact moment - it booted up.

Also, Amazon Prime is VERY LIBERAL about what they consider to be “Two Day shipping.” How can I order something tonight, and the “Two Day” option says it will arrive Saturday? I mean, I get it if Saturday is the soonest, but why label it Two Day? Amazon is gaslighting me!

Illustration for article titled Open Thread (alt. title, Fuck Mondays; alt. title 2, Two Day Shipping My Ass!)

Carry on.

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