Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So, the good news is that I have a job offer.

After a year of unemployment, this is AMAZINGLY good.

It’s not totally irrelevant to what I want to do and the pay is way, way better than the kinds of things I’ve been starting to look at.


The day to day work though, seems pretty painfully uninspiring. And while its not totally irrelevant, it is on the very far edge of what I was aiming for.

And...the catch is that I’m currently waiting to find out if I’ve made it through to the second round of interviews for what would be my DREAM JOB. Dream job is stupid competitive though, so I absolutely can’t rely on that to come through.


The place which made the offer is being VERY pushy about a timeline. I’m mostly just overwhelmed by all of this. I didn’t even apply formally for this job until today.

It’s a job with an agency in the NY City government. What happened is that I had applied for a job in another agency a few months back and they had apparently forwarded on my resume. I hadn’t even known this position existed until out of nowhere on Thursday, I got a phone call asking if I could come in for an interview. I went in and met with someone at the agency yesterday morning and now I’ve just been formally offered the job. They haven’t yet told me a formal deadline for when I have to let them know, but they are saying ASAP in a very intense way.


I’ve been unemployed for a full year now and I both literally and metaphorically cannot afford to not take this job. I just sort of wish I wasn’t feeling so mixed about this. It also doesn’t help that if you count grad school, I haven’t had a formal job in 3 years now, so I’m also feeling some general performance anxiety. Which is ridiculous on its face, because its not like I haven’t worked before.

Anyway, thanks for letting me get this off my chest.

So yeah, talk amongst yourselves. It’s not like there’s much going on in the news these days...

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