Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hi guys, I’m considering cutting off all my internetting for awhile for obvious reasons. The whole damn thing is a trigger now. I had to log out of facebook by the end of the night in my election... “party,” and I had to leave before they called it and LORD knows before anybody made speeches of any kind. I’m calm right at this moment, but that’s because I’m trying to build a wall between my life as an activist and a believer and someone who fundamentally believed that progress was happening. Most of the time I’ve been crying or near to crying.

I don’t know if I’ve got the courage and fortitude to keep up my former hope right now. I do know that that’s a terrible thing to say and maybe a let down of my fellow travellers, but maybe I need to try being more of a local activist, maybe pick ONE issue that’s less broad than intersectional feminism, so as to change the things I can change instead of railing against what I can’t, plus focus on another hobby to fill the remaining time. I don’t know. Or maybe this feeling will pass and I’ll be tough enough to re-engage with things that expose me to the news.


Having said all that, I opened GT for the first time today since Tuesday morning and... you guys were all keeping on, already. That was inspiring. So maybe all the above is talking shite? I don’t know. How are you, GT? How are you coping? What will you do?

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