Hey y’all. With so much heartbreak in the news, I hope you’re all able to find some peace this evening in any small way. I’m finding mine in a jazz playlist and some comfort food.

Tonight for dinner, I’m making a dressed up grilled cheese on sourdough with chipotle aioli and caramelized onions, with some leftover smoky roasted tomato bisque that I had at the new brewpub in town last night, and some oven baked home fries. I’m also finishing off a bottle of Zinfandel because red wine and jazz go together, right?

Also, speaking of which, the vocal jazz group I’m in had our first performance last night and it went really well. My boyfriend and some other friends of mine came and said they all really enjoyed it. I’ve never been in an ensemble like this before and I’m loving it so much. It was cool getting to dress up and really play the part as well- I wore a french connection black cocktail dress and kitten heels with a royal blue shawl/pashmina and felt very jazzy. It was a ton of fun.

Feel free to chat about what you’re eating/drinking/anything else.