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Open thread: fitness and getting injured cos you were being dumb

Word up folks, coming at you from a position of maximum OTC codeine dosage. I put my back out doing a workout! Like, really super crazy put it out, like 8/10 pain scale put it out. I was in the middle of a set of sandbag squats BANG! and I dropped the sandbag and fell over and got stuck to the floor and eventually had to call Herr Honk to move me from an undignified all-fours position of pain. Saintly man then devoted three hours to putting a hot water bottle on my feet to keep them warm while he iced my back with cans of beer, because we have no freezer but are classy enough to have a bunch of beer. I can, at least, now walk; I couldn’t even roll over or lift my legs for a few hours there. I feel extra-dumb about that because I clearly did not injure anything majorly structural, just pulled the muscles, but apparently my entire posterior chain of muscles went WE ARE GONNA GUARD THIS SOOO HARD RIGHT NOW.

Why did I do this? Well! I’m usually militant about working out at least 5 days a week, mostly with bodyweight/sandbag timed interval workouts at home. But lately, The Scholarly Feces has been very much in the way, and I’ve been letting maintenance workouts slide in favour of wringing out Moar Thesis. This weekend I got thisclose to wrapping up the first major data chapter and thought, okay body, imma bitchslap you back into being musclesome. Apparently the bitchslap method works a lot better when you’re in your 20s than when you’re past 30, when you can’t pop back so quickly. So, new resolution (two parts):

1) I’m going to work out every damn day except when I have a hangover (let’s be real here).

2) It does not have to be a sweaty, tough, satisfying workout to “count;” something gently to maintain rather than increase flexibility and strength is better than nothing.


I have a goal of doing two more big SwimRun races next autumn, and it’s no good to train hard a few times a month and be injured in between! So that means I’m going to start over with running A MILE and doing some core strength every day. A mile! And eventually join a masters’ swim team after New Year. But a mile. Urgh. Go honk, you tough tiger...

So how’s everyone else’s lame-ass back? What are your training goals for 2016? Anyone else train like an idiot lately?

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