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I always feel like there isn’t enough time on the weekend to do all the things I want to and need to do. Even on good weekends like this one! I must not be alone in that, right? What did you do this weekend? What do you stil want to do this weekend?

I had a busy few days. Wednesday night I had a date. It was a lot of fun, we had a really easy connection and talked a lot. I didn’t go home until after midnight. But I didn’t feel a passion click.. Still I really liked hanging out with him and want to see him again so I said yes. Is that wrong of me?

Thursday night I went out with a friend so by friday I was already pretty tired. Stil ended up going for drinks with coworkers because it was a last day of one of us. Then to a foodie event, then hung out with rebound guy and some of his friends and ended up spending the night with him.


Saturday around noon I woke up, headed home for a quick shower and breakfast and then met up with coworker again to go to the Gay Pride here in Amsterdam! The guy who had his last day invited us onto his friends boat. It was the smallest rickety boat in the canal and it would sway unbelievably but it was so much fun!! There are various ways to experience the pride parade here but this was definitely one of the best!

In the evening I headed over to my parents for dinner in my hometown, while buzzing


on sangria and covered in glitter. Lucky for me, they didn’t mind. In fact, my “I come with free glitter!” made them chuckle. We ate a great local dish (eel stew would be the best translation but it doesn’t quite cover it) and I was home again around midnight. Some light back-yoga and reading later and I ended up sleeping well pas 1. Again.

It’s around 2 in the afternoon on Sunday now and there’s still so much I want to do! I want to go for a run. Do yoga. I want to do at least 3 loads of laundry, do the dishes, feed myself with good food (I gained a few pounds over the last months and I don’t want to add on). But I also want to:

  • Do some work. Things aren’t going so well at work.. I got a bit of negative feedback and I want to fix some stuff before I show it tomorrow. I’m quite anxious and every time I try to start work on it I get too scared and stop. This is not helpful.
  • Relax. Because I want to have ALL the energy at work tomorrow and I didn’t get a lot of relaxation time the rest of the week. This seems to contradict every thing else I want to do today. I am not quite sure yet on how to combine these things all into 1 day. Halp?
  • Go out and buy some stuff I kind of need. But I don’t feel like going out. I just want to have said things. This also makes feeding myself more of a challenge since it’ll probably require me going to get groceries. I am not ready. Even though it’s a damn beautiful day out.

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