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Open thread - I am angry

This is an open thread for whatever you want, but I am going to be angry at one of my uncles.

He just had his will redrawn, partially because of the hoopla surrounding my mom’s will, and partially because of the fact that he has basically ostracized himself from the majority of the family. He is the second of four, and his old will was to divide his estate between his three brothers. He called my dad to tell him about the change and to explain his reasoning. The eldest is well off financially and doesn’t want for anything. The youngest is the CFO of a major Fortune 500 company and also has no lack of money. My dad lives comfortably, but is not as financially set as his brothers. However, he was dropped from my uncle’s will because, and I quote, “It’s not like you are going to outlive me.”



My dad has had some major health issues recently and, oh yeah, his spouse died less than two months ago. I have had a strained relationship with this uncle, and now I am done with him. I cannot understand why he thought he could say something like that to my dad. I am vibrating with anger.

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