Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Open thread: Late Night joys & sorrows & stories~

Come on over here. The water is fine.

Joy: NJ Tomatoes, still in November

Sorrow: Guns

Story: See below if you want to :)

My Father is in the hospital; bad. My Mother can’t keep track of any phone; important & bad. Baby Sister is Boss in the very best way; Badass. Big Sister is calm & kind; our home base. I’m the one shrieking when necessary; Big Mouth. We’re trying our best to get things done for our father in our different ways.


My house is a mess. My work is in disarray. My dawgs are 10 hours alone yet still greet me like I’m a queen when I come home. They’re so dumb & smart:)

Dads are hard any day of the year. Dementia is a hungry Lion that caught him, then us. The road is midway. We’ll see where it goes along with Daddy.


What have you got for late night, loves?

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