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What is making you annoyed this morning?

For me its people with “preferred methods of communication” in the digital age. We have a group chat ongoing for a dance troupe I’m on to communicate about practices and times. We’ve communicated on FB from the beginning. One group member wants us to do the extra work to communicate with her because she doesn’t check Facebook because she gets bombarded with messages, so can we send her an email or text. You know what? Check your fucking Facebook messages. Its not hard. I’m bombarded by emails everyday, and I check them still . This has happened to me before. I totally ghosted a new friend because he had this who convoluted way of sending text messages and insisted we communicate that way because he 1) didn’t have a cell phone and 2) didn’t want to use Facebook and didn’t check his email often enough.

FFS people, the world does not revolve around you. I check my 2 email accounts, student messaging system, Facebook and text messages regularly everyday. That’s life nowadays. Deal.


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