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Open thread! (open MD* call)

I’m working at the office of a client and although this is a fancy bank-funded startup type place I managed to sit down on the one chair that has only broken levers. I’m going crazy but grabbing a different chair feels too awkward! I hate fancy non-working Office Chairs! *shake fist* The worst thing is that it’s really distracting me from my work, besides it feeling uncomfortable. I schlep all my stuff to the client and now no good chair? UGH >:(

I also am selling a dress online but I got no reactions yet! And it’s a super cute dress! Boo.

What are you doing right now? Share away!

I should aspire to be this cat right now, I am not.

Feel like playing web MD*? I’ve had various health issues over many years and I want to get to the bottom of this! Obviously I’m already doing so with a doctor, but who doesn’t like playing web MD? Here’s the story!

I’ve got a thyroid issue. I was also diagnosed with Chronic Sinusitis and have been taking medication for that since (I had 1 operation 4 yrs ago that alleviated some of my symptoms but not enough to not need low-grade steroids twice a day to keep the inflammation under some form of control). Every few weeks I get so exhausted I call in sick and spend a day or afternoon sleeping and although I won’t be exactly fit the day after, I’ll be fine-ish. I can enjoy myself again and do well enough at work. It’s like my body is battling on too many fronts and isn’t capable of healing itself for whichever reason (case in point: a tiny burn blister which is stil a red/scab/wound thingy weeks later, my ankle has hurt for many weeks, I get colds all the time and it takes them forever to get out of my system, I need soooo much _quality_ sleep in order to not feel sleepy and headachy. And I know what I feel like when I don’t feel like these things and it’s amazing.). I won’t even get into my neck/back being so iffy, that is probably unrelated so I’ll just keep yoga/stretching for that.

Recently I went to the doc because I’ve also been having stomach cramps on and off for months, then on for weeks. He figured I had trouble with my bowels (to be fair I did) and gave me some medication which made me ill (the runs, nausea, more cramps and my face broke out in extreme dry spots over night). I went back and he ordered a plethora of blood tests and I’ll hear back next week. He thinks maybe gluten intolerance/allergy? I really want to get to the bottom of this because I’m sick of (pun intended) being wishywashy sick and tired for weeks on end.

Could there, somehow, be like.. 1 common thread or reason that is causing all of this unhealthiness that I could knock out and 1. feel better a good.. 60% of the time and 2. stop using so much medication, especially the sinus drugs and paracetamol for the headaches? Sometimes it helps to get new ideas for things to check or test. 🤔

Gif for your trouble

*MD: Medical Detective

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