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Open Thread: Post Your Random Thursday Crap

1) WHY THE FUCK AREN'T EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT SKILLS TAUGHT IN SCHOOL? If If I had learned any kind of emotional literacy tools before my 4os, it would have been nice.

  • I can have more than one emotion at a time. It is possible to have conflicting feelings about any number of things on any given day. I don't have to have just ONE BIG FEELING.
  • But, I don't have to feel all the things all the time. Feeling bad about one thing does not have to be a cascading waterfall of badness draining into a sucking vortex of crappitude.
  • If I am feeling bad, it's because there's a part of me that feels bad about something. One part, and one specific thing. There may also be multiple parts feeling not so hot about things, but not all of me feels bad about everything. There are some things I feel pretty good about, even when a part of me feels bad.

2) OMG Pothead* dudes are boring and lazy. No guy from Tinder, I don't want to smoke a bowl and watch netflix the first time I meet you. No I don't want to meet you to smoke a bowl after my yoga class with a bunch of girlfriends on Friday night. I already told you I barely smoke anymore and 90% of the time it's medicinal. Look dude, I get that you like weed. Lots of people like weed. I like weed. But smoking a lot of weed does not make you interesting, and it does not substitute for a personality.

Also, I don't care that your boner likes yoga pants. NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR BONER.

*Not all men/anyone who smokes pot is boring and lazy. But most men I've met who self-identify as potheads, stoners, etc., are. There's smoking pot, and there's pot-smoking as your primary lifestyle. Nope. (Having said that, most women I know who smoke a lot of weed are hilarious and tend to do a lot of fun shit when high. God knows I wish I could have a monthly stoned crafting/art/cooking/baking meetup.)

Please post all your random Thursday crap!

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