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Welcome To The Bitchery

Open Thread: Well Fuck it All

I have been in the process of buying a house and selling my flat for basically ever. This week I want to kill my buyer. Her solicitor is asking so many small questions that are putting the whole thing at risk. My seller is getting closer and closer to pulling out and selling to someone else. The things that’s really killing me is that I don’t think any answers to these questions will be a dealbreaker for her so they don’t really need to be asked when shit is time sensitive. Like why do you need clarification on the fact there are no planned changes to the service charge? what clarification is needed honestly? there aren’t any planned. ARGH

Also this shitty news:


A 21 year old woman will at best get 10-20% function in her arm AT BEST, because the police used a concussion grenade on protesters.

And Farage and Trump is a complete delight.

Anyway OT rules apply. Talk amongst yourselves. Maybe have happier things to say.

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