What’s new with you this afternoon GT?

Became I’m obsessing and just need a place to vomit this out: I’m really concerned I accidentally came off as shit stirring between my two thesis advisors. Advisor 1 is a senior, established prof at another school. I’m using her data and working on her project, so I’m mostly taking direction from her. She is brilliant, but insanely, frustratinglying scattered. Ideas come into her mind one day, and a week later, she’s like, who told you to do that again? I’m having the worlds worst time nailing her down on exactly what to do with my analysis and its driving me batty. Advisor 2 is a much younger, less established professor at my school, because I needed one advisor at my school. She’s very carefully trying to take a backseat on this, and deferring to Advisor 1 on all things. She’s told me several times that she’s worked with Advisor 1 in the past and it’s gotten difficult, so she sees her role as just making sure Advisor 1 gives me what I need.

It’s all created this awkward dynamic anyway, where I feel like I’m constantly tattling on Advisor 1 to Advisor 2. However it’s gotten so difficult, that Advisor 2 suggested a meeting between the 3 of us, where 2 can gently push 1 for more guidance. I was hesitating for the rest of the call, but then at the end I felt I had to bring up the fact that advisor 1 is getting really paranoid about data stealing, so she asked me to stop cc’ing advisor 2 on my emails. (I don’t think it was a personal thing, 1 is just paranoid about everyone.) I told this to 2, who instantly got frosty and was like, that’s fine! Just send me a separate update.” I instantly back peddled and was like, “I just felt like you needed to know that, this dynamic was there if you get involved on my behalf with 1!!!” It all felt super awkward. I just want this whole thing to be over as painlessly as possible and for neither of these two women to hate me or each other.

Sorry for the wall of text. I just needed to spit this out so it wasn’t going round and round in my head?

What’s up with you today?

If your day was a pop/rock song, what song would it be? Who would sing it?

(Salt N Pepa’s None of Your Business as covered by Sleater Kinney)

Name 3 things that start with M that you love and explain why if you want. Or don’t. I’m not the boss of you.


(Mangos, the word mundanity which I just made up, and Muuuuuuuuuuullllllderrrrrrrrrr)