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I am leaving on a 3 month backpacking trip through Europe in a few weeks and my boyfriend and I have been discussing opening the relationship. This is something we both really want to do*, but we want to do it right.

We'll be setting up ground rules, like using safer sex practices and no sex with friends, and I was thinking of making it a rule that when I get back neither of us stay in contact with the people we slept with while I was gone. Ground rules are important; you can still cheat and cause harm in an open relationship. We have to protect ourselves and trust each other to keep each other's safety and happiness in mind, and I think we're able to pull that off. Exciting!!


So I wanted to know, has anyone here done this successfully before (I know it's possible, I don't need horror stories unless I can learn from them how NOT to do it, so don't bother trying to scare me off), or does anyone have good sex-positive resources on poly/open relationships? Hit me with your best shot.

*He suggested it first and I felt this great relief and swell of love when he did, especially when he said "I don't own your body. It needs what it needs and I don't want to take that away from you for 3 months." What a champ, and I feel the same about him <3

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