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Opera/Classical Music Thread

Hey y’all,

I just had the privilege of seeing two operas within the last three days (and an gearing up for more), so I’m in an opera headspace. Talk about your favourites, strip down overrated composers or trends, or whatever else you want to talk about that your regular friends/family rolls their eyes at. You can also extend this to non-opera classical music.

Whine: Oh my dear god, people, can you just get some performance etiquette? I know not everyone may have been exposed to it at a younger age, but canoodling and whispering during an opera (yes, the overture is part of the opera, douche-nozzle) or clapping when the orchestra is obviously still playing is rude. It just is. You are disturbing everyone around you, and that’s no ok.


Unpopular opinion: Puccini is fine. He has some beautiful arias and his operas tug at your heart strings, but you listen to them a few times and you’ve got them basically memorized. The way he’s lauded and obsessed over doesn’t really make sense for what the music is. I also think some of the music he wrote for dialogue in between the big showstopping arias is boring and kind of lazy, as in “this doesn’t need to be beautiful, because it’s sandwiched by two blockbuster arias.” Give me Donizetti, Verdi, Wagner, or the other masters any day.

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